Seminar Sharing Experience

25. mart od 11 do 17 časova

Poštovane kolege,

Želeći da sa vama podelimo dragocena profesionalna iskustva stečena boravkom u bibliotekama širom Sjedinjenih Američkih Država,
srdačno vas pozivamo da prisustvujete seminaru Sharing Experience.

Četvrti seminar iz ovog ciklusa održaće se u Američkom kutku u Kragujevcu u petak, 25. marta od 11 do 17 časova.

Izlagači su:

Gordana Stokić Simončić:  Odnosi biblioteka s javnošću: Kongresna biblioteka, Univerzitetska biblioteka u Čepel Hilu, Biblioteke Smitsonovog instituta

Vesna Vuksan:  OCLC, berba 2009.

Željko Vučković:  Filozofija američkog javnog bibliotekarstva: vrednovanje učinka i uspešnosti

Goran Trailović:  Izdavačka delatnost biblioteka; Program "Jedna knjiga - jedan grad"

Sandra Nikolić:  Misija na kvadrat - međunarodna povezanost biblioteka

 Ukoliko želite da prisustvujete seminaru molimo Vas da se registrujete.



Frederick Douglass: Champion of Civil and Human Rights

discussion with Pamela Creed

February 23rd at 5 pm

Frederick Douglass was born a slave but became a champion of civil and human rights.  He was an African American who lived during the Civil War and was internationally recognized for his work promoting justice and positive change in society.  He embodied three keys for success in life: "Believe in yourself; take advantage of every opportunity; and use the power of language to improve yourself and society."  Douglass lived a life of honor, respect and success but always said, "What is possible for me, is possible for you."

Come for a discussion about this great leader who fought to end slavery and to advance human rights for all.




Benjamin Franklin: The Quintessential American

discussion with Pamela Creed

Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, was born on 17 January 1706 in Boston. A writer, printer, activist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, politician, diplomat and world-class scientist, Franklin was also, as David Brooks, a writer for the New York Times recently put it, "the original spokesman of [American] middle-class values". Come for a discussion in English with Pamela Creed.

We will talk about the American middle-class values reflected in the life and work of Benjamin Franklin that still shape the American mind and character today.





CIS Sajam Obrazovanja Beograd

Pozivamo vas da prisustvujete specijalnom Sajmu koledža koji će biti održan u Beogradu. Predstavnici 21 obrazovne institucije iz SAD i EU boraviće u Beogradu tog dana

i razgovaraće lično sa svima koji su zainteresovani za studije u SAD ili u EU.

14. novembar

16:30h - 18:30h

Prostorije dečijeg kulturnog centra “Majdan”

Kozjačka 3-5, Senjak, Beograd 

Za više informacija pozovite na 011-334-9639.

Savet Internacionalnih Škola (CIS) je neprofitna organizacija koja se, između ostalog, vec 30 godina bavi sponzorisanjem edukativno-promotivnih putovanja koja su fokusirana na studente koji planiraju pohađanje osnovnih studija na stranim obrazovnim institucijama. 
Savet internacionalnih škola organizuje obrazovna putovanja svake druge godine, a ove godine, po prvi put, Beograd se nalazi na njihovoj listi destinacija. U saradnji sa MEĐUNARODNIM AKADEMSKIM CENTROM iz Beograda, predstavnici 21 obrazovne institucije iz Sjedinjenih Americkih Država i Evropske Unije boravice u Beogradu 14. novembra povodom CIS sajma obrazovanja.
MEĐUNARODNI AKADEMSKI CENTAR je deo mreže obrazovnih informacionih centara “Education USA”, odobrenih i podržanih od strane Biroa za obrazovne i kulturne poslove Stejt Departmenta. Centar ima za cilj da obezbedi tacne i nepristrasne informacije o akreditovanim visokoškolskim institucijama u SAD. Centar obaveštava javnost u Srbiji promocijom punog spektra viših americkih obrazovnih institucija i mogucnosti međunarodne razmene u SAD. Ove godine Centar, pored ostalih događaja, organizuje, u saradnji sa Savetom Internacionalnih Škola, i pomenuti Sajam Obrazovanja.



International Academic Center

Studying in the U.S.

Monday, May 24 at 1PM

Consultants and trainers from the International Academic Center, Belgrade will present opportunities for further education in the U.S. for high school students and university students from Serbia. At a special advising sessions, at the American Corner, will be discussed how to get academic and sports scholarships, as well as how to pass the exams and apply to the institutions of higher education in America. You are welcome to participate and ask everything you are interested in about finding appropriate academic institutions for further studying - counselors will answer and give you further guidance.



Autoethnographic Reflections on the America

Lecture by Joe Blades

Friday, April 23 at 5pm

JOE BLADES has been giving readings and publishing his poetry for over a quarter century. He is a writer, visual artist, and publisher-president of the independent, literary publishing house Broken Jaw Press Inc. founded by him in 1983, plus he is on the editorial board of ellipse magazine.
Blades was born in Halifax, NS, Canada. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (BFA, 1988). He is also an alumni of the Banff Centre for the Arts Writing Program, Maritime Writers Workshop, Sage Hill Experience, and the Simon Fraser University Book Publishing Immersion Workshop.
Based in Fredericton, NB since 1990, he has also lived in Elmsdale, Dartmouth, and Port Hawksbury, NS; Toronto; Montreal; Banff, AB; New York, NY; and Senta, Serbia. On the road about three months every year, Blades gives poetry readings, lectures, and workshops across Canada as well as in the eastern USA, Scotland and Eastern Europe.
Blades exhibits bookworks, photographs, and objet d'art primarily in Canada and Europe. Since 1995, he has been a community radio producer-host at CHSR 97.9 FM with the award-winning Ashes, Paper & Beans: Poetry & Writing program. Blades curated Videopoems: a screening for the Tidal Wave Film Festival (2003), and is the editor of nine books and chapbooks including Some Stuff on Canadian Spoken Word & Indie Publishing (NCRA/ANRÉC, 2004).
His poetry and art has appeared in over 50 trade and chapbook anthologies, and in numerous periodicals. Blades has authored 28 poetry chapbooks and limited editon artist books. His four full-length poetry books are Cover Makes a Set (SpareTime Editions, 1990), < i>River Suite (Insomniac Press, 1998), Open Road West (Broken Jaw Press, 2000, 2001), and Casemate Poems (Widows & Orphans, 2004). Serbian translations of River Suite (Rečna Svita) and Casemate Poems (Pesme iz kazamata) were published in 2005. 



Earth Day Workshop 

It's the 40th Anniversary of the holiday.
A great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it!

Be sure to visit our Earth Day crafts, coloring pages and activities workshop.




National Poetry Month

with Pamela Creed, English Language Fellow

Tuesday, April 20th at 5pm

"If you are a dreamer, come in.

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,

a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer.

If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire,

for we have some flax-golden tales to spin.

Come in! Come in!"

Shel Silverstein




American Corner
Invites you to second

Workshop on Idioms

“Using Idioms in English”
Ms. Pamela Creed, English language fellow


February, 23rd at 5pm
American Corner Kragujevac
    Zorana Djindjica 10/III




 American Corner Kragujevac

would like to invite you to the
lecture in dedication of

Black History Month

"Genre Painting: Scenes from Everyday Life"

by Katherine Kokta

                                                                               On Friday, February 29th at 5pm



American genre painting

American genre painting flourished in the thirty years before the Civil War, a period of rapid social change that followed the election of President Andrew Jackson. It has long been assumed that these paintings—of farmers, western boatmen and trappers, blacks both slave and free, middle-class women, urban urchins, and other everyday folk—served as records of an innocent age, reflecting a Jacksonian optimism and faith in the common man. Genre paintings had a social function that related in a more significant and less idealistic way to the political and cultural life of the time.


Through works by William Sidney Mount, George Caleb Bingham, David Gilmore Blythe, Lilly Martin Spencer, and others, the humor and cynicism reveals in the paintings and places them in the context of stories about the American character that appeared in sources ranging from almanacs and newspapers to joke books and political caricature. Art is socially constructed to meet the interests of its patrons and viewers; it is demonstrated that the audience for American genre paintings consisted of New Yorkers with a highly developed ambition for political and social leadership, who enjoyed setting up citizens of the new democracy as targets of satire or condescension to satisfy their need for superiority. It was this network of social hierarchies and prejudices—and not a blissful celebration of American democracy—that informed the look and the richly ambiguous content of genre painting.

Katherine Kokta, short bio:

Katherine Kokta studied American art at Yale University under one of the foremost scholars in the field.  After graduation, Katherine continued her academic studies on American painting at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the affiliated with the art collegeCorcoran Gallery of Art, the oldest and largest privately owned art museum in Washington, DC.  Before arriving in Belgrade, Mrs. Kokta led interpretive tours at Dumbarton House, an historic house museum in Washington filled with many fine paintings and other works of American art.  While in Belgrade, Mrs. Kokta enjoys painting scenes from her travels.




Join us to celebrate the year's sweetest holiday 
in a chocolate way

St. Valentine's Party
Friday, February 12th at 6pm 

"It's no Small Affair

When Love is in the Air"



Live Speech Event at AC Kragujevac

American Corner Kragujevac

Organizes live speech-watching event and follow-on discussions

 United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

 will deliver a major policy address on Internet Freedom

at the Newseum in Washington, DC. 

 On Thursday, January 21st

 15.30pm - 16.30pm

and after a short break the round table will continue.




Workshop on Idioms "Using Idioms in English" 

with Ms. Pamela Creed, English language fellow

American Corner
Invites you to

Workshop on Idioms

“Using Idioms in English”
Ms. Pamela Creed, English language fellow


January, 11th at 5pm
American Corner Kragujevac
    Zorana Djindjica 10/III




 ELTA Workshop

Bits of ELT(a) in the Classroom

ELTA workshop
Bits of ELT(a) in the Classroom
December, 9th from 4pm to 7pm
American Corner Kragujevac
Zorana Djindjica 10/3

 Workshop schedule

Introduction- 15 min: A brief ELTA insight

Part 1- 40 min: Expanding Vocabulary And Writing in Grades 3 & 4 by Marijana Matic

Break- 15 min

Part 2- 40 min: Bits from ELTA Conference, by Gordana Canak;
                      share of a few activities presented at the 7th ELTA Conference held in May 2009 in Novi Sad

Break- 15 min

Part 3- 40 min: Using Songs in ELT, by Mirjana Marusic

Wrap-up 5 min


Mirjana Marusic, English language teacher, elementary school Karadjordje, Raca and participant of the YETI program for 2007.
Marijana Matic, English teaching methodology professor, FILUM Kragujevac

Gordana Canak, English language teacher, elementary school Karadjordje, Raca and ELTA coordinator for the Sumadija region.

The number of attendees is limited (30), please CONFIRM your participation

by email: or phone: 034/300020



 ExchangesConnect Video Contest

Enter this year's ExchangesConnect Video Contest "Change Your Climate, Change Our World" for your chance to win an international exchange experience.

 "Change Your Climate, Change Our World" Video contest

- Lenght: 2 minutes, max
- What you do? Use your camera or mobile phone.

What someone you know is doing to make your community a better place,
healthier, safer, cleaner, more peaceful world?
How do you change YOUR climate?

Go to and upload you video
between November 17th, 2009 and January 12th, 2010

Win an all expense paid International Exchange Program!
Winners announces March 2nd, 2010



FORECAST Exchange Program 2010-2011


The competition for Academic year 2010/2011 is now open. To download the application and instructions, please visit: Please note that the deadline for submission of applications is January 15, 2010

FORECAST Exchange has provided scholarships for one academic year of undergraduate, non-degree study in the United States. The scholarship covers international/domestic travel, tuition, room and board, accident/sickness insurance, a small monthly stipend, and funding for books. Students take courses in their major field of study as well as electives. They live in university dormitories and have the opportunity to participate in campus organizations and activities and possible internships. They are also required to take part in community service activities in order to gain a better understanding of U.S. society and values.

The FORECAST Exchange Program is open to all academic fields of study and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national and ethnic origin, or disability. Competition for the program is merit based. Finalists are selected on the basis of academic excellence, leadership potential, knowledge of English, and their preparedness for study in the United States.



Halloween Party

"Eye" balls, coctails & witches brew 

 some tasty snacks like a finger or two!


Welcome all witches and creatures of fright,

 devils, deamons and ghouls of night!


 Come, join us, wearing the threads of the season

   A Halloween Party is the reason!





Diversity Immigrant Visa Program



The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a United States congressionally-mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is also known as the Green Card Lottery. The lottery is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigrant and Nationality Act (INA). The Act makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.




 Medijska Dokumentacija

Analitički Elektronski Press Clipping

   Ebart Medijska dokumentacija prati oko 150 štampanih izdanja sa teritorije Srbije.

   Ebart postavlja nove standarde press clippinga - tzv. Analitički elektronski press clipping – korisniku se otvara on-line baza tekstova koji su u tekstualnom obliku.

   Tekstovima se pristupa preko web sajta Ebarta –, uz jedinstveno korisničko ime i lozinku. Jedan korisnički nalog može koristiti neograničen broj korisnika.


Aktuelna arhiva

Aktuelna Arhiva predstavlja bazu podataka tekstova iz štampanih medija sa nacionalnom pokrivenošću u Srbiji (15 najtiražnijih i najuticajnijih dnevnih i nedeljnih novina). U njoj su skladišteni svi relevantni tekstovi iz štampanih medija od početka 2003. godine do današnjeg dana.


Elektronski mediji

Usluga praćenja elektronskih medija obuhvata video clipping i video arhivu.

Video arhiva predstavlja potpuno novu uslugu na ovim prostorima -on-line arhivu dostupnu sa svakog kompjutera koju korisnici mogu pretraživati potpuno samostalno i slobodno, uz korisnicko ime i lozinku. Ona sadrži preko 100.000 priloga iz udarnih televizijskih informativnih emisija (kompletan sadržaj emisija podeljen na indeksirane priloge) za period od pocetka 2005. do sinoc.

Video clipping je usluga monitoringa TV programa nacionalnih televizija, kao i programa izabranih lokalnih i regionalnih stanica.

U raziku od video arhive, video clipping prati samo unapred dogovorene kljucne reci, ali je broj pracenih elektronskih medija i emisija daleko veci. 


Medijskoj dokumentaciji mozete pristupiti iz Američkog kutka, 

kao i iz Narodne biblioteke.




"Hippity Hoppity,
Easter's on it's Way"
Hop on over, with Your children,
for an Easter Egg Hunt with lots of treats and jelly beans!



 Earth Hour 2009

At 8:30pm on 28 March 2009, towns and cities across the world will turn off their lights for one hour sending powerful global message that it’s possible to take action on global warming.

American Corner

Cordially Invites You to Our

Candle Light Party

March 28, 2009

8:30pm to 9:30pm

American Corner Kragujevac

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